Old Fashioned Coffee Syrup

Bring a Taste of New England Home With You

With an old family recipe that was reminiscent of the syrups available in the days of soda fountains, Morning Glory Coffee Syrup was born. After giving away jars of coffee syrup to friends and families as gifts, David and Mary Sylvia were encouraged to share their delight with the world.

Gourmet Coffee Syrup in South Dartmouth, MA

Finest Ingredients

We aim to produce the best tasting, highest quality gourmet coffee syrup on the market. That is why we use the finest coffee available and produce our syrup in small batches to ensure the utmost quality and consistency.

Our gourmet all-natural coffee syrup in South Dartmouth, MA, is great to enjoy in milk, milkshakes, frappes, ice cream, dessert sauce, glazes, and cocktails. Our customers continue to create new ways to incorporate our syrup into their recipes.


Our gourmet coffee syrup is used traditionally in coffee flavored milk, milkshakes and frappes, but what makes our syrup unique is its versatility as an ice cream topping, as a dessert sauce for plating or as an ingredient to enhance desserts or recipes. Our customers continue to find more creative uses for our syrup.





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